Hello, Welcome to my website. I’m Nicholas Erwin and I’m a photographer based in Waterbury, Vermont.

During high school I attended a vocational school for network engineering and computer hardware for a potential career in the IT world. I took classes on digital media and fell in love with photography instead.

Photography is an art and like most art it's a form of self expression. Because I'm shy by nature, I struggle being social and interacting with the world. Photography is something I could use as a tool to express myself and make it easier for me to interact with the world. I love experimenting with all sorts of genres, so I don't have a particular genre I specialize in because I see photography as documenting the world around me and I want to capture it as much as I can and share it with the world.

My work has been shown on TV, published in magazines and even on display in a restaurant. Seeing my work put a smile on people faces is what drives me to keep shooting. 


Prints are available upon request only as I currently don’t have a store setup. But if you are interested in purchasing a print from me, please fill out the contact form below with a link or description of the photo in question and what size you’d like and I’ll send you a quote. Some photographs are not available for printing.


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