Photographer - Stowe, VT


Why I switched to Squarespace


I figured for the first post on my new website should be about why I switched to Squarespace. I’ve been using Wordpress for many years and because of it I’ve learned a lot of PHP and CSS coding but over the years of dealing with themes breaking, it got very tiring. I’m no web developer or designer.

I’ve wasted a lot of money on buying premium themes and not having them work right after a Wordpress core update OR something went wrong and I can’t contact the developer for support because there was only 1 year support for the theme and you’ll have to pay additional money to get support. I’m fed up.

Wordpress is an amazing platform and it powers about 33% of the internet I believe. That is insane! But I also believe that it’s just not for everyone, especially for photographers much like myself where I want to share my work but also write too. Squarespace is incredible for creatives who just want a website that works.

I am NOT discrediting any web developer or designer who builds themes for Wordpress, I support what they do and it’s amazing how much work they put into it…that’s why it’s so easy to spend $50 on their themes and after a while, it just adds up…especially when you are a picky person such as myself.

The constant updates from Wordpress and all of the necessary plugins you need to have a functional website similar to a Squarespace site for photographers. I swear I spent more time updating than I did actually working on my site. Don’t get me wrong, updates are great for security reasons but not when they break something.

I’ve actually had Squarespace once before but it was still in its infancy and therefore at the time Wordpress was better for me but now that its 2019 and Squarespace has grown massively and that so many creatives use Squarespace, it just made sense for me to switch.

Having a website where I display my work in a beautiful way and having it look amazing on mobile devices is a HUGE plus nowadays. I could never get my Wordpress site to look good on mobile, there was always something I disliked.

So I signed up for Squarespace today and within minutes I was able to get the site I’ve always wanted and it was so simple. No headaches…no more hours of coding and doing research to do one simple thing where Squarespace has a button to do it.

Moving forward, I plan on writing a lot more now that I have a functional website with a blog, I’ll be sharing my photos that I don’t normally share on social media. I also will be writing reviews on mostly photography and tech related things. Who knows, maybe tutorials? I can really share anything after all, this is my website.