Photos from a small town parade

My town that I grew up in and still currently live in has their 4th of July parade nearly a week before the actual day, they call it Not Quite Independence Day or NQID celebration. It’s been a tradition for years and people all over the state and even some travel from outside the state to this not-so-small-town-anymore, to attend this parade and other festivities.

I’ve been photographing the parade over the years from almost the same spot. Some people say it might get boring photographing from the same place every year but what I’ve done is captured time from when the town was smaller to now when its bigger. People who attend the parade often go to the same spot every year as well and the crowd in the background and on the sides are often the same ones in the photos I took several years ago and being able to shoot along with friends and family around me is a plus and makes the memories last longer.

Shooting parades and events isn’t particularly my forte of photography but I love doing it anyways and it just recently became tougher because they changed the time of the parade. it used to happen around 11am when the sun was in my favor now they start it around, usually after 4pm in which the sun is in front and so I’m shooting toward the sun which makes it tricky to get the shots I want but I still managed to get a few keepers that I wanted to share.

I took all the photos with my Fujifilm XT2 and the 23mm f/2. - I thought the 23mm would be perfect for the parade but I was wrong, that 35mm full frame equivalent was not ideal for parades! It was either too wide and not enough telephoto. Next time I’ll be using a zoom, for sure.