Lowepro Event Messenger 150 Review

I recently took a trip to Boston and I was looking for an inexpensive camera bag, preferably a messenger style bag and I found the Lowepro Event Messenger 150 to do the job well for under $60. I think it’s a great value for what you get, the quality is very nice and on par with the traditional Lowepro flipside and slingshot backpacks. The bag fits pretty well and looks very good, fits right in with the crowd, especially if you live in an urban environment.

The bag has a silent option so can gain access to your gear to change lenses, add a flash or whatever the case may be. This silent option by putting a flap over the velcro bits allows you to use your to open your bag without disturbing people around you if you are in a quiet area like a museum or a wedding.

The Lowepro Event Messenger 150 is pretty spacious enough for a semi-professional body like a Nikon D7000 or a Canon 60D/7D without a battery grip. You could also have a 17-55 2.8 attached without a problem. There is also enough room for a long zoom range, maybe a 70-300, but not a 70-200 2.8. You could also use the dividers included to allow stacking of say a couple small primes if you wanted too. There is also additional space for a speedlight if you’d like. The whole camera bag is very configurable. There is even a spot for a 10 inch tablet as well.

Front of messenger bag is a nice little zipped pocket where you can store memory cards, pens, pencils, cables, batteries or whatever. On the back of the bag there is yet another pocket for small items like maps or magazines. On the sides of the bag there are stretchy pockets that were designed for water bottles, but I found them to be extremely tight and I wasn’t able to put a water bottle in it, but maybe a Red Bull.

The only problem with this messenger bag is that it’s just not suitable for taller people, I’m 5’9″ and the bag is extended the farthest as possible. But other than that, the Lowepro Event Messenger is a wonderful bag and a great value and it does appeal to those on-the-budget photographers. I’ve had no problems wearing this for 10 hours walking around Boston. I was able to use my camera the whole time without a issue and when I got on the subway I was able to put the camera away in the bag without looking like I have something worth the steal. In a urban environment, this camera bag fits in perfectly. I don’t know how many people I’ve saw wearing similar bags.

You can buy the Lowepro Event Messenger 150 at most camera stores, and online retailers like AmazonB&H Photo and Adorama around $50-60 price range.