I have too many camera straps!


I keep buying straps because I can’t find one that’s comfortable for me.

I’m sure some of you may have even more straps than I do. But I just can’t get comfortable using my camera. Is this what people who switch to mirrorless feel like?

I used the BlackRapid RS-7 (It’s called Curve now) for years when I had the Nikon D7000 + MB-D11 and that was okay but it got annoying after a while because it kept riding up on my neck and giving me a rash, I always had to constantly adjust it and pull it away from my neck. I heard about the BRAD (BlackRapid Arm Defense) attachment so I got that and that did keep it off my shoulder, but for some reason, it really limited my movement so I took it off.

When I bought my Nikon D610, I didn’t want to use this strap anymore, so I bought the Op/Tech Pro Loop neck strap which I only used on my shoulder and then when I was taking pictures I put the strap around my neck but never let my camera hang from there, I always had my hand on it. That also got uncomfortable after a while.

I then bought the Op/Tech Super Classic with extensions to make my own sling style strap which worked, but the strap had to be flipped over because the Super Classic pad has a grippy rubber bottom which prevented it from sliding. Because the strap was flipped over, the triglides drove into my back and chest which got annoying after a while. I only tried using it for a month and gave up.

I didn’t want to use the tripod socket to support my camera because of the horror stories I heard, but they were few and far between. It does happen unfortunately, but it’s normally due to human error. I mean Nikon has their own official branded sling strap made by BlackRapid. So they must think its okay to use tripod socket, maybe they are made tougher recently? I don’t know. I even wrote an article about tripod socket or strap lugs.

I decided to give it a try again and bought the BlackRapid Cross Shot Sling which I never heard of. But a lot of people who bought it said it was better and more comfortable than the RS-7. I do like this strap though, it’s a lot more compact and easily foldable to fit in my camera bag without taking up much space. The metal ConnectR is thicker than the one on my RS-7 (my RS-7 is from 2010) and it doesn’t move as much. It gave me a little bit more confidence. I also saw a video of two guys hanging off a punching bag that was hanging off of this strap..over 300 pounds before the strap broke. I was impressed.

The rubber pad is great because it really doesn’t move and because it’s nowhere near as wide as the RS-7 it doesn’t get near my neck. The strap is really long which is good if you are going to be wearing it over jackets and coats. Though the RS-7 was plenty long enough for me.

The only thing that I hated and this is kind of preventing me from using the strap is that the rubber grips so incredibly well that it just grabs your clothing pulls it tight under the armpit area and really becomes uncomfortable.

if you are wearing a loose shirt, forget it. It just grabs and grabs. The strap just grips to your clothes and it still moves and you still have to adjust it every now and then. Wearing tighter clothing, it’s not too bad but still becomes uncomfortable. It was also bothering my collarbone too. I guess my shoulders are just different than other peoples. But it does look good, it’s really minimalistic.

I’m not trying to say the BlackRapid Cross Shot Sling is a bad strap, because it’s not. Its really high quality, but it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t find it comfortable. So I ended up sending it back.

I placed an order for the BlackRapid Metro Strap which was the one I originally was going to buy before I decided on the Cross Shot Sling. The only reason why I didn’t because it said it was made for small lightweight CSC/Mirrorless cameras. But after doing some research, its made strong just like their straps to support full frame DSLRs. It’s just marketed moreless toward the CSC/Mirrorless users. But a lot of photographers who have heavier cameras like mine really enjoy this strap.


One of the things that really appealed to me about this strap was the way its designed. The shoulder pad is more straight while the strap part itself is an angle, so in theory this should allow the shoulder pad stay put and not slide up and rub against my neck and of course it being narrower will help as well. Should be more comfortable for me, but I don’t know yet until I get it. I will write a follow up post when I do get the strap and once I had time to play with it.

The other nice things about the BlackRapid Metro strap is that it’s also lightweight and easier to fold than my RS-7, its a bit smaller, so less space taken up in the bag. Its also very minimalistic looking as well.

I may even pick up the wrist strap to compliment it. The wrist strap would be a great to have in my bag for when I didn’t want to use a strap, like when I’m walking around with the 50mm prime and just wanted to flexibility of having now strap but still like having a sense of security.

I know…there is no perfect camera strap. I just really like the BlackRapid straps because they are easily removable and leave no attachments behind, unless you leave the Fastnr attached but I just unscrew it when I’m not using the strap and that way my camera has no strap attached at all. BlackRapid is also a really great company and they stand behind their products. I am by no means endorsed by BlackRapid, I just love the company and their products.

What strap do you use with your DSLR or Mirrorless CSC?