Z Flex Tilt Tripod Plate - What is it used for?

Vikerer recently sent this product out to me for a review on YouTube and I have some negative thoughts about it. I thought it would be an interest product to play around with, it’s almost an alternative to the common L brackets you see on most cameras.

But it fell short unfortunately, it’s made out of rather cheap aluminium and cheap hardware that could potentially break if tightened to hard which leads to me to my next point.

Tightening this is tricky as it won’t even hold my Fujifilm XT2 very securely unlike my Vanguard tripod. Tightening it too much will cause it to jam and be very difficult to loosen. Even when it is tight, it doesn’t take much for it to cause it to loosen up either. Heck all I did one time was press a button the camera and it was enough to move it.

I had a hard time trying to figure out exactly what this product would be use for that most tripods today with ball heads can’t achieve. It does have an ARCA swiss mounting plate on the bottom and also has your standard 3/8” and 1/4-20 threads for mounting it to alternative tripods or quick release plates which is did in my video review.

Still, most tripods makes this product rather redundant so I continued to ask myself what is the purpose of this product? Why do they exist? So I did some research and I found out that these type of Z tilt tripod head plate things are often used used on slides and mini dollies for video production. Now since this one doesn’t secure to my liking, it would be perfectly fine for a smaller lightweight camera such as the Sony RX100 series or the Canon G7X or Micro Four Third cameras that are capable of producing stunning video. That is where this product would come in very handy.

I don’t personally see myself using this product for my photography equipment I own, but you can use it for really anything such as lights, display monitors or microphones. You can get creative.

But unfortunately, I am still not very happy with the build quality of this product. For the money, there are better options available.