Accessories for Your Fuji x100/S

If you just bought a new or used Fuji X100/s, then you should totally look into pimping out your camera.  I have a few things that you might just like.

Gordy Strap

When I had the Fuji X20 camera, I bought a wrist strap from Gordy Camera Straps and I really like the quality and workmanship that he puts into these straps. The straps are made in USA and made out of genuine leather. When I bought my Fuji X100 I had Gordy make me a custom 48″ horizontal dark brown leather strap with grey wrapping cord and I had it in less than 2 weeks for under $30. I wear the strap as a sling, goes across my chest and under my right arm and the camera sits just above my waist.  Its very comfortable, camera is secure, doesn’t bounce around much.  Really beautiful camera straps, check them out at Gordy Camera Straps.

Soft Shutter Button

Some people might think these soft shutter buttons don’t serve a functional purpose, but they really do.  Adding one of these buttons makes it far more easier and comfortable pressing the shutter button.  Back in the old film days, they didn’t have a wireless remote to trigger their camera so they put a threaded screw hole in the shutter button so you can screw in a shutter release cable for long exposures.  However, this made the camera’s shutter button less comfortable, so when you didn’t use the cable release, you added one of these soft shutter buttons to make it more comfortable.  But it really does make it look good though, doesn’t it?

MatchTechnical makes some of the best soft shutter buttons around and while they are quite expensive, they are high quality.  I, however couldn’t justify spending $30 on a soft shutter button that could potentially get lost so went with the cheaper route and spent $8 on a red soft shutter button from Neewer on Amazon and I’ve been really happy with it.

Half Case

I didn’t know if I really wanted a half case for my X100 until I put it on the camera and realized how much more grip it added to the camera without adding much weight.  One of the benefits of these cases is the bottom is partially open  to allow access to the battery and memory card compartment.  It also offsets the tripod mount so when you have a quick release plate attached, you can also access the bottom compartment. Very handy!

Does the half case add any protection? No, not really..maybe only to the bottom of the camera.  I only got it for the added grip.  If you want better protection, you might to look at the full cases.

I personally use Gariz black leather half case, they make excellent genuine leather cases.  There are many companies that make these type of cases for the X100/s.  Just do a Google search and you’ll find them.  Luigi, Gariz and Fuji seem to be the top makers of these cases that the majority of the people love.

Lens Hood

One of the best things about the lens hood for the X100/s is the added standard 52mm filter thread. So for fun, you could add a 3 stop ND filter and turn on the X100’s built in 3 stop ND filter for a total of 6 stops to play with!  As always, the lens hood offers flare protection and also protects the lens from bumps here and there.  You should definitely use a lens hood on your X100/s.

Mine came with the Fuji hood, but if it didn’t, I’d probably get the JJC LH-X100 for $15 instead of the Fuji’s $70 hood.

Spare Battery!

Okay, this isn’t a style element whatsoever, but I think it should be added on this list because the X100/s is known to have terrible battery life, you get roughly 300 shots per charge and even less if you shoot any video.  So I picked up a genuine Fuji NP-95 battery for $30 on Amazon. There are a TON of third party NP-95 batteries available, but I just couldn’t risk using a third party battery. I’ve read a lot of horror stories of these batteries exploding or leaking.  Please do your research before buying a third party battery.