About Me
Hello, I'm Nicholas Erwin and I'm a photographer and YouTuber living in Stowe, Vermont.
I've always been creative since I was a kid. In school I took pictures for the yearbook and was given a 35mm point and shoot film camera and just started snapping away. But I never considered photography to be such a passion as it is now. I went to school to be a network engineer as computers and technology was something I very much interested in. When I was in school for computers, I decided to take a class on photography and I just had affinity for photography and ended up not pursuing my career as a network engineer. It was probably a bad idea but the thought of being inside all day working in server rooms or working on computer systems all day was starting to steer me the wrong way.
Photography allowed me to get outside and enjoy life and well also escape from my own mind, just me and the camera. For my health was definitely the right decision because it just made me more active and now I love to go hiking and being out in nature and taking pictures of everything.
Even though I took a semester in school on photography to understand the basics, I ended up learning most of what I know now myself using the resources I had available to me like YouTube & photography forums. Ted Forbes, Tony & Chelsea Northrup, Chase Jarvis and Jared Polin has been such great inspiration for my photography as I develop my eye in photography.
My work has been displayed on TV, magazines, calendars and in restaurants and that is something that I never would've imagined would happen. I love seeing my pictures put smile on people's faces and it really gives me that extra drive to continue what I'm doing.