RIP 2011-2016 Ziva

I had to put my maine coon cat Ziva down last night. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. The last few weeks she hasn’t been acting right and was losing weight rapidly so yesterday we decided to take her to the vets. In the spring we took her to the vet because had trouble eating and that was because she had a bit of dental disease and it was causing some discomfortable but we able to take control of it and she felt better in a week. We were hoping it was going to be something similar.

When the vet did the exam, she felt something not right in her abdomen and recommended an x-ray in which we were soon to find out what it was, she had 2 large tumors in her abdomen and the doctor doctor didn’t think it was going to operable. Not that we could afford it anyways….

We had to make sure though so they brought us where the x-ray machine was and showed us the pictures and you can clearly see two large masses and that pushing her insides and it would eventually would of stopped her for going to the bathroom.

She was also losing her hair more so than normal for the last year or so but didn’t think much about it, she was an indoor cat so I thought maybe the seasons and being in a warm environment during the cold seasons was having an effect. With her teeth and mouth problems and the hair loss the vet said she most likely had some form of cancer, most likely Leukemia which unfortunately can be common in Maine Coons.

I could see she was uncomfortable and most likely in pain so we made the decision to put her down peacefully. The veterinary hospital has a beautiful pet cemetery garden out back where she will be buried.

We didn’t want watch her take her final breath so as we were leaving the nurse was holding my kitty and we were saying our final goodbyes, Ziva was just staring at me as we were walking out and I can’t get that image out of my head.

I’m going to miss her lots, she will never be forgotten.

I know how many of you loved seeing pictures of my cat and I’m going to miss taking them.

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