Too much salt

After reading Seth Godin’s latest post I started to think there really is too much salt. Every time I go to the supermarket and look at a box of chicken rice, 900mg of sodium. Checked out a can of soup, 750mg of sodium. Too make it worse, its only for a small portion!

Is the food we make so bad today that we need to coat it in excessive amounts of salt?  Or are these companies putting so much artificial ingredients into these foods and need coat it in salt to cover up the chemical taste?

Salt is good for us and we need it to function, otherwise we would die. Its scary to think that people on average consume more than 3400mg of sodium everyday and that is mostly due to the artificial and processed foods. That is not the healthy way to be getting our sodium from. ADA (American Heart Association) recommends 1500mg of sodium per day, but its fine to consume around 2100mg of sodium everyday as long as you are getting it from real foods and not fake artificial processed foods.

Eat real food, exercise, be happy and stay away from the processed foods that these big food corporations tell you its safe to eat, but its really not…

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