My Experiences with RytherCamera

I know this store has a quite a few negative reviews and I have to say, I had zero problems with RytherCamera. Though I ordered through their eBay store, Deal’s All Year, so I had protection from eBay.  I purchased a Nikon D610 not knowing it was a direct import model without NikonUSA warranty (It was on their eBay page, I’m just blind)…But it was too late at the time of known to cancel the order, so I went with it.  I ordered the camera on Thursday, August 7th and the following day (Friday) I got a phone call from I think Kyle and he just wanted to confirm that I ordered the camera and yes, he did try to sell me additional accessories and warranties. But I declined them and he wasn’t one bit rude at all and he understood that I just wanted the camera and that was it.

On Monday the 11th, Kyle called me again letting me know that the camera was shipped and should have it by the end of the week, cool.  Got the tracking number a few hours later and it said it was going to be delivered tomorrow by UPS (Tuesday, the 12th) and sure enough I got the camera in a Nikon gold D610 box with all original accessories, no missing pieces. Came with an English manual and the camera was set to English.  Battery was sealed in plastic…never been used. Everything about the camera was brand new like it came from the factory.

After doing my research about import models, they are no different from US models. They just don’t have the NikonUSA warranty.  The version I got was packed for Japan, heck that was fine with me as Nikon’s headquarters is in Japan anyways.  The camera came with all USA compliant cables and charger.  I think what they did was removed the Japanese white accessories box and put in a USA version box and added the USA manual and software CD.

Checked out the D610 USA version at Best Buy here in Vermont and they were EXACTLY the same the only biggest difference I could find is the secondary language being Japanese instead of Spanish so I thought the firmware might be different from other D610s, Nope, exactly the same as US version as Nikon doesn’t have any firmware updates yet for this camera.

So far, the camera has been working flawless…Nikon only provides warranty for a year for camera bodies anyways and RytherCamera (Deals All Year) matches the warranty coverage or I could ship to Japan and get it serviced (too costly)..At the end of the day I would ship it Kurt’s Camera in California. They been doing camera repairs forever and are quite reasonably priced.

I really love it and I’m happy with my purchase.  Would I buy another import camera?  No, I would stay with US version just for peace of mind, but I saved nearly $500 by getting this imported version over the US version and that right there is another lens. I would have preferred buying from a local camera store here or at least from reputable dealers like B&H Photo or Adorama for example.  Unfortunately I was tight on money and therefore eBay was my best option and thankfully RytherCamera came through without a hitch.

As a reminder when buying a lens to buy local because Nikon’s warranty will cover the lens for 5 years if you buy the lens from an authorized dealer in your country.  It’s worth the extra money.

Overall, I’m a satisfied customer.


  1. John Dalton March 11, 2016 at 5:51 pm

    To all viewers and potential viewers,

    My name is John Dalton , Lead manager here at Dealsallyear . I just want to point out the fact that lately there has been a lot of confusion over this post with customers associating Dealsallyear with Rythercamera. Rythercamera was permanently closed about 2 to 3yrs ago . Dealsallyear bought over their location and Ebay store since it was the only good thing they had left just before they shut down (little did we know this would end up haunting us in return) . If you review with other major advertising sites we have been bringing down any associating listings down since we can verify and prove we are completely different companies. We are leading competitors in this marketplace and offer amazing discounts via web and several marketplace such as Ebay and Amazon and even Rakuten . Please check us out if you’re looking for great products at deep discounted prices . You will not be disappointed. Thank You.

    1. Nick March 13, 2016 at 8:13 am

      Thanks for the clarification!


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