Ever wonder what’s inside of an Ikea tabletop?

If you follow me on Twitter or YouTube you may have seen my latest workspace setup.  For the project I did in early January 2014, I ordered some stuff from Ikea.  I bought a 47″ LINNMON tabletop thinking Ikea says it can support 110 pounds, should be strong enough for what I need it for and the price was cheap, well I should of known better.  After roughly 6 six months the tabletop have began to bend from the weight of my two monitors.  The monitors together weigh almost 30 pounds, now I’m not saying it was bending to the point where everything was rolling to the center, but enough that some of the feet on the monitors stand wouldn’t be touching the surface allowing the monitor to move very easy.

I’m working on creating a new workspace using a solid butcher block, not going to reveal anything quite just yet, you’ll just have to wait and find out.  But anyways, I decided to take this cheap Ikea table top outside and cut it open with my utility knife and here’s what I found.


Inside of the Ikea LINNMON table top has revealed that Ikea is so cheap that they decided to fill the inside of table with some kind of honeycomb paper.  When I ordered the tabletop, I knew it wasn’t going to be like my old MDF desk, but still..I was hoping for it to be somewhat of a solid material inside.  If you dropped anything accidentally on your desk, it would go through it easy.

The edge of the table top does have some solid material for attaching the legs, but that’s about it.


Would I recommend this particular table top? Nope.  But would I still recommend Ikea after all of this?  Yes, absolutely.   If you are willing to spend the money, Ikea actually does make some rather good furniture and most of it is solid hardwood.  So when you are planning on building a home office, don’t go cheap like I did.  Go with solid hardwood because it will last you forever, nothing will peel off and its not filled with paper.

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