Backyard Buddy Lift

My dad has always wanted a car lift for the garage to make life easier working on cars. We did ton of research on the internet to find out what the best lift we could get and we came to the conclusion that the Backyard Buddy four post lift was the best.  The Backyard Buddy is a free standing 7,000 pound car lift, it doesn’t need to be bolted to the floor.  It uses 4X4″ american made steel for the columns which makes this thing really rugged, and let me tell is rugged!

The Backyard Buddy cost around $7000 brand new with all the accessories and that was a little out of our budget, so we were lucky enough to find one on craigslist near our location selling his and it was in really good shape and only cost $3500.   This was an amazing deal and we just couldn’t pass it up. A car lift may not be for everyone..but if you are a car enthusiast, they are worth every penny because it just makes your life easier when you’re changing tires, repairing cars or even handy when you building/restoring a car.


Just took the lift off the trailer and in the garage, ready to be assembled. The good thing was we bought it used and the original owner already had put it it made it a little easier to assemble the bigger pieces when we took it apart for the trailer.


Doesn’t it look like it’s in good shape? Because it is!


All done! Sorry that I didn’t take any pictures during the assemble..I was helping a lot. But it only took about an hour to assemble.


Another angle of the Backyard Buddy assembled and with my friend’s car on the lift as a test. It works!




My friend Donovan working on his car. He was the guinea pig to test out the lift with his light weight car. The lift works pretty amazing and allows you to work under the car while standing! He was working on taking off his bumper to change the tail lights.

This lift is can read more about it here.

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