Conway-Portland Road Trip

One Sunday morning, me and my father was bored so we decided to take a trip toward Conway, New Hampshire through the white mountain range and we ended up at the coast in Portland, Maine. Though it was really cold outside around 16f in the mountains and around 35f in Portland, I did manage to take a few shots on our little road trip. The drive was very nice, lots of scenery and lots of things to look at on the way.

The above picture is the White Mountain range near Conway/Whitefield, NH on the Crawford Notch road. This road is absolutely beautiful and a very nice drive. I stopped at a little rest area at the highest point of this road to take this shot. It was very windy..probably around 50 mph.


The Conway Scenic Railroad bridge. I believe this bridge or at least one of these bridges on the Conway Scenic Railroad were in a movie, I forget what movie it was, but its pretty cool railroad and its on some steep hills. Its amazing how they were able to build such a thing at the location its at.


I took this out of the window of the truck (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!). This is the view you see when coming back down from the mountain ranges, there is some pretty big mountains in this part of New Hampshire which is what makes the drive very beautiful, especially in the summer time.


After coming down from the mountains on Route 302, we made a quick stop at a little town called Bartlett, New Hampshire which had this really awesome abandoned Russell snow plow still on the tracks that they used to clear the railroad on the Conway Scenic Railroad. There was also a abandoned roundhouse they used to service the engines and cars. Pretty cool stuff.

Another angle of the old Russell snow plow.

Detail shot of the rail wheels on the Russell snow plow.

I absolutely love this shot I took of the abandoned roundhouse with an abandoned train car parked outside. The word is around the town is that they plan on restoring the roundhouse and the old Russell snow plow.

Here’s the other side of the roundhouse and train car. I decided to convert this one to black & white because of the deep blue sky, it just popped in monochrome. I took these last few images with my Tokina 12-24 f/4 lens and I must say I really love these ultra wides.


Since we were running low on time, I didn’t have any time to take pictures in North Conway, NH if I wanted to make it Portland and back in one night. But I took this as we were just entering into downtown Portland.


I just had to take a picture of this train with the Fisher plow since Fisher plow’s are pretty popular in Vermont (my home state). But this train is part of the narrow gauge railroad that runs along the waterfront in Portland. Its kind of like a rolling museum/tour thing.


My first experience seeing a huge ocean vessel. These things are HUGE! This particular one was from Hong Kong carrying crude oil.


Cool little metal sculpture in front of Portland Ocean Terminal building.

When I was walking along the Portland’s Eastern Promenade trail near the waterfront, I spotted these abandoned train cars that I’m assuming were part of the narrow gauge railroad.

I really like these old mining carts, did they actually do mining in Portland? Or were they just there for some reason or used for the bay? I’d love to find out..if you know, please leave a comment.


Fort Gorges, a abandoned military fort built after the war of 1812 on Hog Island Ledge in Portland, Maine. The last time this military fort was used was in World War 2 to store ammunition for submarines.


Another big tanker that I believe was carrying crude oil as well. Man these things are massive.

Took this photo on St. Patricks day afternoon in downtown Portland, Maine just near the waterfront..well the harbor more less. Not very busy that afternoon, pretty quiet.


Ri Ra’s Irish Pub pretty pack on St. Patrick’s day in downtown Portland. We have a Ri Ra’s in Burlington, Vermont too.


Heading back home to Vermont, I took one last picture of downtown Portland city from a hill further away.

I took this sunset shot when we were heading back home to Vermont in North Conway, New Hampshire. This is Mt. Washington, the tallest mountain in the northeast United States.

I hope you enjoyed some of the photos I took on my little road trip. Like I said, it was freezing outside and the wind just made it worst. I plan on going back through the same way..but at much warmer time of the year…probably during the summer time.


  1. Rachel December 6, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    Hello Nick,My name is Rachel and I am one of the Student Workers at the Technology Transfer Center located at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. We would like to use on of the pictures of the old snow plow for our Facebook cover photo. If you would allow us to do that we would give you credit and link back to your page!

    Please let me know,Rachel

    1. Nick December 6, 2013 at 5:10 pm

      Sure, you can absolutely use it! Thanks for checking out my pictures and for the comment.


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