It’s a Lime

Since I’ve picked up the Nikkor 105 2.8G VR Macro lens I’ve been wanted to shoot all kinds of details and I had some limes so I photographed them. I’m using my Nikon D610 dslr with a simple setup, window light and one single light with daylight bulb. It’s not ideal, but its all I had at the moment. I really need to pick up some more lighting equipment, a flash would help a ton. It’s on my list!


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How I played racing games

Before I had a PS3, I had the Logitech G25 racing wheel for my PC for Test Drive Unlimited and rFactor and when I finally bought a PS3 and found out that Gran Turismo 5 was coming out I went ahead and ordered a Playseat Evolution racing seat and GT5 and DiRT 3 games and boy it was so much fun. Well after years of abuse on the Logitech G25, it has finally failed and I decided to give up this hobby because well frankly, it was getting rather boring. There is no good racing simulation games for consoles and only a few good ones for PC but I prefer playing games a big screen instead of a 24″ monitor. Anyways, here are the videos I recorded of me playing DiRT 3 and GT5.

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Backyard Spring

I haven’t done many videos with my Nikon D610 because I’ve been mainly focusing on photography. But I know the D610 produces some beautiful video thanks to the 24mp full frame sensor. I shot this video in my own backyard with the 24-85 VR kit lens and edited in Sony Vegas Pro 13. I really need to get a variable ND filter so I can keep my shutter speed low around 1/60th so the video doesn’t look choppy or well wait for a cloudy day or evening.

Why I’m not shooting fireworks this July 4th.

Every year since 2008 when I got my first DSLR, I brought my camera and tripod to every 4th of July and in some cases two firework displays in two different towns. Now it was okay at first to learn how to shoot fireworks and I got some incredible pictures. After a while it just became redundant because my town has literally the same firework display every year. Last year they change the location of them which made it even more difficult to get a good shot.

I don’t live in city with big buildings that add interest, so I don’t have much options to make them more interesting. I did however, tried capturing the crowd and that one came out okay, probably one of my favorite firework shots.

Last year, I was literally the only guy standing in the field with a tripod and camera. I’m not doing that this year. Instead I’m just going to watch and enjoy the display of awesome pyrotechnics with my family and beat the traffic!

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Kingstown Home Eastfield Writing Desk Review


For the past few years I’ve been using cheap IKEA desk that were hollow and warped. I didn’t want to go back to a cheap hollow table tops, so I decided to look for a solid wood desk.

After searching and searching for an affordable, but rustic/industrial design desk that had a solid wood top and this Kingstown Home Eastfield Writing Desk and took a couple weeks deciding if its what I wanted..but I ended up ordering one and was worried like crazy all week that it was going to be damaged.

Well I got it a couple weeks later by UPS and only damage to the desk was a little bit of scratches to one of the problem though..because its solid wood! I didn’t mind it. For me, it just added to the look of the desk. It also could be easily fixed.

You have to remember, this desk is VERY heavy. So you just have to accept that fact that it could arrive damaged. But this isn’t like a cheap hollow desk..its solid wood!!

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