Rare Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

I had the opportunity to shoot the rare supermoon lunar eclipse and I have to say it was quite interesting to watch. Total lunar eclipse are quite common, but this was a rare one because it fell on a “Supermoon” which is when a full moon happens to be at closest approach to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, making it appear about 14% larger than normal. The last time a supermoon total lunar eclipse happen was in 1982 and it wont happen again until 2033.

My setup was rather simple. I use a Nikon D610 and a Nikon 70-300 VR. I had it resting on my Vanguard tripod. I preset the focus before earth’s shadow covered the moon, but while tracking the moon, I must have accidentally bumped the focus ring, so that’s way the last few are slightly out of focus. It was hard to tell on the camera’s LCD monitor, even with live view. It was just too dark to focus again, so I did my best. I then made a composite image in Photoshop with the 4 of my best pictures of this rare event.

The Torino got some upgrades!

If you follow me on Twitter or Flickr, then you most likely have seen the car me, my brother and my father have restored together. Its a 1976 Ford Torino “Starsky & Hutch” red tomato, just like the one that’s on the TV show and yes…the horrible movie. But the car is mainly known for the TV show and of the famous zebra stripe. In fact in the mid 70s, it became so popular that Ford actually produced 1,000 of 1974 Torino’s that looked like that. They are hard to find today and very expensive.

The Torino between 1974-1976 never came with factory manual transmission expect for some extremely rare 1974 versions and only that model was setup for manual transmission, the others were never designed to have a manual transmission. Our Torino had a TCI Streetfighter C4 3 speed automatic, its a rock solid transmission and can take a beating. Riding around on your secondary roads through towns and what not was alright, but because of the 3.55 posi gearing and only 3 speeds, the car would rev around 3,000-3,200rpm doing 65mph on the interstate. It was loud and sucked up a LOT of gas.

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I took a long break from YouTube to focus on my self some in which I lost 60 pounds by simply eating better and working out. Its been a time since I posted a video like this on YouTube and after seeing the amount of subscribers I got over the break, I just felt like I needed to start making videos again.

The video above was suppose to be longer, but I cut it at where I said there is going to be new videos because I revealed what videos I was going to be doing, but during editing I decided I wanted it to be a surprise.

TweetDeck for Windows


If you’re like me and use Windows and tweet alot, you probably like TweetDeck. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and tried the new official Twitter app for Windows 10, but I wasn’t all that impressed with it. It was lacking many features that I liked on TweetDeck. I was bummed when I found out that you can no longer download TweetDeck for Windows, you can only log into TweetDeck via your browser and not a desktop app.

I was luckily enough to remember that I did save the installation file when I originally downloaded it from Twitter. It is version 3.9.854-fc95993 which is the same as the browser version and the Windows version is and is stable and works on Windows 10.

You can download it here.

Waterbury’s NQID 2015 Parade


Waterbury celebrates Independence Day a week early than anyone else in my town, it’s usually the first one in the state with parade and fireworks so it brings in a lot of people, it was quite busy with the Green Mountain BBQ Championship which had Jamie Lee Thurston playing on Sunday. I didn’t attend the festivity though. But I heard it was great and the fireworks were one of the best they had in years.

The parade this year was rather mediocre at best, it’s becoming really repetitive with a lot of the same floats and people from last year. This seems to be a trend, because every other it seems to be good, this was just an off year I suppose. The town is under a lot of renovations, so by NQID 2016 (Not Quite Independence Day) should be better.

Anyways I took a few pictures, though I didn’t take as many as I did last year but I got a few good ones and decided to give the images a vintage black and white film look. Something different.

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