Minute Long Thunder Rumble

Ever since I've bought my Zoom H1 handy recorder, I've been wanting to record some sounds of nature. But when I bought the Zoom H1 it was during the winter season I didn't get it test it out with some thunder until today when a small storm rolled through my town.

I recorded it at 48kHz/24Bit for awesome sounds quality, though I could of done 96/24, but I wasen't sure how long I was going to record it for and didn't want a huge giant file. I ended up recording about 12 minutes which resulted a 150mb WAV file.

One big mistake was that I left my computer on and you can hear the hum of the fans if you really pay attention, in a perfect world, I would of turned off my computer for this recording. Yes, I recorded it in my bedroom. I'll probably find a better location next time.

I ended up editing the WAV file in Audacity, just some fine adjustments and tried to isolate the hum and remove it..but failed at doing that.

I can't wait to give this a shot again, maybe even outside when its not raining, that would be cool.

CLICK HERE if you wonder why thunder can rumble for so long.