Waterbury’s NQID 2015 Parade


Waterbury celebrates Independence Day a week early than anyone else in my town, it’s usually the first one in the state with parade and fireworks so it brings in a lot of people, it was quite busy with the Green Mountain BBQ Championship which had Jamie Lee Thurston playing on Sunday. I didn’t attend the festivity though. But I heard it was great and the fireworks were one of the best they had in years.

The parade this year was rather mediocre at best, it’s becoming really repetitive with a lot of the same floats and people from last year. This seems to be a trend, because every other it seems to be good, this was just an off year I suppose. The town is under a lot of renovations, so by NQID 2016 (Not Quite Independence Day) should be better.

Anyways I took a few pictures, though I didn’t take as many as I did last year but I got a few good ones and decided to give the images a vintage black and white film look. Something different.

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Stars & Clouds

Stars & Clouds

After a beautiful sunset, storms were breaking up to reveal a crisp, highly detailed sky with just enough clouds and moonlight to make for an interesting long exposure.

My coffee mug


Everyone has their favorite coffee mug and this is mine. I picked this up for cheap at a TJ Max store, I thought it was really cool looking and surprisingly for the price I paid, its made really well.

NHRA New England Nationals


This weekend I attended my first NHRA drag race in Epping, NH and What an incredible experience it was. Going to a NHRA drag race is very different than going to a Nascar race because all tickets come with pitpass, so you can walk through the pits and check out some the biggest names in the NHRA, John Force and his daughters, Schumacher, Dixon, etc and see their teams work on their cars and sometimes the drivers are signing autographs. Its a really cool experience.

Toward the end of the day they had the big boys race, Pro Stock, Funny Cars and Top Fuel and boy were they incredible. I have NEVER seen a car go by at 320+mph under 4 seconds before! I had ear protection and still needed to cover my ears. The cars are going so fast and the engines are so loud that it nearly knocks the wind out of you (especially where I was standing). Its a rush and if you never been to one before, I highly suggest it if you like things that go fast.

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Things I hate about car shows

Yellow Mustang

I’ve been to many car shows in the last 10 years and no matter what car show I go to, there always seems to be something that I just frankly, hate. Many others agree.

Loud Music

Turn it down. Most of the smaller car shows I’ve been to (under 100 cars) hire a mobile DJ and they crank the music so loud that you can’t hear the person talking a foot from you 40ft away from the speakers. By the time you go home, you are practically deaf. Not all car shows are like this, some of them have no music. Also, stop playing Hot Rod Lincoln.

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